About Us

Getting you back on the ice…kinda.

We remember the days before the big contracts. The days when the Cup was traded back and forth between family members, in the basement. The nights when the boys came over with a case and a pizza, and both insults and laughs were hurled until the wee hours. Long before the billionaires owned the millionaires, we were the kings of little plastic warriors. We cursed them, cheered them, pried them off the table and threw them at the wall.  It doesn't matter what kind of hockey you play. Whatever it is, hockey is the passion that unites us all.

The Rod Hockey Shop has parts and players for tables built by brands like Gamecraft, Sportscraft, Jett and others. We have mechanisms, accessories, and full teams for all kinds of tables, so if you don’t see what you need, let us know and we might be able to find it for you. We are expanding our assortment all the time, so come back and see us soon.

And remember, if you are part of a league, we want to hear from you at leagues@rodhockeyshop.com. You are just the kind of hardcore rod hockey lunatic we can identify with. We are looking for blog and photo contributors, and in return for your borderline psychotic addition to spinning little plastic men around in a circle while cursing out your father-in-law, we will make you famous. Kinda.

Got a question? Got an idea? We'd love to hear from you at service@rodhockeyshop.com.